Karen Nordberg


Karen Nordberg is an information manager and translator at BvDIM. She joined the Bureau van Dijk in 1978 to participate in the creation of bibliographic databases and the bibliographic description of documents for public and private clients. She has fed numerous scientific and technical databases for public and private organizations. She also participated in the implementation and computerization of information processing processes for databases.

She carries out the documentary analysis of scientific and technical works, intervenes for the translation into English of terminological resources and thesaurus, and ensures the follow-up of the supply of primary documents. She assists BvDIM consultants for various studies and, more specifically, for writing bilingual reports, identifying sources and researching information on the Internet, in online databases. She works on translations of documents as part of strategic study, audit and organization assignments in the field of information management.

Professional background

Karen Nordberg has dual French and American nationality. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature, obtained from the University of California, Irvine (U.S.) and a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature (French Language option), obtained from the University of Paris-Sorbonne.