Nelly Poiret


Nelly Poiret is a scientific information manager at BvDIM. She joined the team of analysts at Bureau van Dijk in 1994 to perform analyzes of scientific documents for various pharmaceutical companies and state agencies.

As a scientific documentalist in charge of monitoring, she provides scientific and technical information research services for private and public actors. It is mainly involved in the following areas:

  • Bibliographic research and analysis of scientific and technical literature,
  • Identification and reporting of pharmacovigilance cases published in the medical literature,
  • Writing periodic safety reports,
  • Documentary research, sector monitoring by therapeutic area,
  • Creation of thematic bibliographies in the field of sustainable development and the environment,
  • Drafting of toxicology files on plant materials and chemical ingredients for the cosmetics industry,
  • Writing bibliographic records for scientific publishers.

Professional background

Nelly Poiret completed his graduate studies at Paris VI, Pierre and Marie Curie University in Biochemistry and Physical Chemistry.