Corentin Le Corre


Corentin Le Corre joined BvDIM in 2011 as an Archives consultant specializing in information management for the conduct of documentary projects and the provision of archival services. It oversees archive processing services for public and private actors. He also intervenes as a project manager on various archival missions (preparation of archives, processing and verification of archive collections, drafting of directories encoded in XML, drafting of recommendations relating to the construction of an archive store, awareness staff in archiving, archive maintenance campaigns, drafting of CCTP with a view to outsourcing the storage of archives, drafting of an analysis report on offers, etc.).

At the same time, he carries out consulting missions in electronic archiving systems with the collection and analysis of data and electronic documents eligible for archiving and carries out diagnostic studies of electronic archives. In addition, he participates in AMOA missions for the implementation of SAE and the consideration of electronic data in the archiving policy.

Professional background

Corentin Le Corre holds a Master 2 in Information Sciences and Cultural Professions in Archives from the University of Haute Alsace and a Masters in History from the University of Rennes II.