Antoine Raulin


Antoine Raulin has been a project manager consultant at BvDIM since 2003. He carries out project management assistance missions and strategic studies in the field of information management and associated technologies for public and private players.

Director of studies with more than 15 years of experience, he is mainly involved in the following areas:

  • AMO, audit, support, organization and collaboration in digital and infodoc: preliminary studies with identification and analysis of needs, audit with diagnosis of situation and scenarios, drafting of specifications, support for the implementation of systems,
  • Studies, development, marketing and ICT strategy: market studies (language technologies, multilingualism, AI), benchmark studies in the infodoc sector and associated technologies, state of the art of software solutions (SIGB, monitoring solutions, GED, DAM, SAE), strategic studies on digital devices (positioning, valuation, uses),
  • Management of research and monitoring services in scientific, technical and medical information (ISTM): bibliographic and documentary research, research of economic and legal strategic information, bibliometric studies of scientific publications and patents, pharmacovigilance information monitoring,
  • Management of documentary services: constitution and enrichment of documentary collections, multimedia document management, retrospective cataloguing, quality control relating to the retroconversion of bibliographic collections.

Professional background

Antoine Raulin is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and holds a master’s degree in Economics. He has held various consulting positions in the field of marketing and digital. He is an R&D expert on the Knowledge thematic commission of the Cap Digital competitiveness cluster. He is a member of the GF2I board of directors and co-leader of the “AI and data intelligence” working group.

He has co-authored several white papers, articles and books including “Multimedia monitoring or the kaleidoscopy of information” (I2D), “E-reputation and digital identity of organizations” (GFII), “New uses of monitoring – 5 emerging practices” (GFII), “Clicks and clicks: the weight of the photographic image in the information society” (ADBS). He co-coordinated the Dossier IA of the July 2022 I2D journal with a contribution entitled “Artificial intelligence in the management and enhancement of information: identification keys (history and analysis)”.